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Other Ways to Participate

Splitting Animals

If you want to participate but do not want to buy an entire animal there are many options. 

You can buy an animal with a friend(s) or family member. We encourage bidders to form groups and bid together as one. This way each person is only responsible for part of the cost of the animal, and only has to take home part.

Typical Slips are as follows:


check Split with two buyers each receiving half

check Split 4 buyers each receiving quarter or half of a half


check Split with two buyers each receiving half

Sheep and Goats

check Are not typically split - but the same would apply as above

Please contact us if you want to Split an animal and need help finding someone to split with.


    Do not want an animal at all or just want to help out the youth? Try an Add-ON.

    Add-ons are “extra bids” on an animal after the gavel has dropped and the bidding is over. These bids can be either a flat amount or an amount per pound it is your choice. These amounts go directly to the youth exhibitor and are always appreciated! 


    This year we are working harder than ever to maximize the amount that gets paid to the youth exhibitors. This means we are seeking sponsors and donations to cover all the auction related expenses that are normally charged as a fee or commission to the seller. These charges include only the cost associated with auction and not the Fair as a whole. They typically include: Fee paid to Auctioneer, Auction set up, hauling of the animals to the processing plants, office expenses, and credit card fees. Last year this amounted to a 7.5% commission charged to each sale. If we can find a way to cover some or all of these expenses this year, that means more money in the pockets of the youth.

    Simply Put – Everything we do at the auction is meant to benefit the youth directly!